New Hope Community has created a regional and statewide grass roots movement to encourage family members to join us, band together and be the voice and an advocate for their loved ones so they can achieve their unique goals and desires.

The climate of the human services industry is changing.  Those services loved ones are receiving today, the ones that you had fought for in the past, are being threatened.  The pressure to reduce Medicaid spending, moving to a new Home Health Care Model and ultimately managed care, are a few of the changes that will significantly impact the services your loved one is receiving.

Over thirty years ago, we moved away from institutions with the closing of Willowbrook.  There are now new impending forces that could take us back to the era of institutions.

It’s time to band together and be the voice for our loved ones so they can best achieve their unique goals and desires.   


How do you approach being a family member of a loved one with a disability? How do you ensure your loved one is receiving the services he or she desires? Be curious about everything. By connecting with families and learning new things, you increase your own ability to prepare for the unknown. Help enhance your ability and the ability of others to prepare for the future.

Connecting with others will give you the opportunity to share experiences and learn how they have been navigating and implementing their approach of supports for their loved one, as well as them learning from you.

  • Learn about New Hope Community and its services
  • Learn about current trends
  • Learn about developments in legislation
  • Learn how to be informed


Be an advocate and active participant by leading.

  • Lead and assist other families in understanding and navigating available services.
  • Lead and help New Hope expand and improve our services.
  • Lead by voicing, with us, at the State and National levels to preserve and enhance services for your loved one.


Engage with New Hope Community on social media platforms and share, comment and like.

Families who are informed, motivated and choose to join together, are a powerful force!

  • Be informed!
  • Join forces with other families!
  • Realize your power!
  • Recognize your importance and the importance of others!
  • Be active in the “Learn It, Lead It, Live It” initiatives!

Educational Materials

Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports Community

This report sheds light on the experiences of families who provide supports to a family member with I/DD

Join the Movement

Support New Hope Community in creating a re-imagined life for those with disabilities.

For more information, please contact Donna Fischer, Marketing & Communications Manager, at 845-434-8300, extension, 244 or via email at