Built for quality of life

We believe the superior quality of our facilities speaks for itself. We know that the enhancements to quality of life flows more easily in an environment setup to cultivate them, and that is exactly what we’ve created through our imagination and attention to detail. Our campus is home to a full array of support and services that span independent living for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. New Hope Community provides a dynamic campus experience that includes a Living Arts Center, state-of-the-art theater, stables, flourishing greenhouse and beautiful, personalized homes. You’ll see the value we place on the settings in which our work happens.


Spending time with the horses

The world looks different from a saddle, on horseback, and life is enhanced by spending time in the company of horses. New Hope Community’s Stables at McCoy Meadow is the host of the Therapeutic Horseback Riding/In House Program (THRIP) which provides equine as well as other animal therapies that enhance lives every day. The resident horses are used for riding which naturally helps people to build endurance, foster confidence, and increase physical activity. Our facility is also home to miniature horses for those that are just learning to work with horses or those who prefer a smaller equine to work with. They afford people the opportunity to pet, groom, and lead them, sometimes right in their own backyards. The facility is equipped with an indoor riding arena that functions all year long, a wash stall for bathing horses, a tack room to store all necessary supplies, and a viewing room which affords spectators comfort and convenience while watching others ride. This unique space is utilized for horse shows, private and inter-agency, as well as large scale festivities.


Healthy growth and green thumbs

The greenhouse environment provides the community a healthy setting in which to learn, cultivate, reflect and relax. Green programs give participants an opportunity to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and houseplants year round in the 3000 square foot indoor growing space. The green curriculum has members learning best practices with organic gardening, permaculture, vermiculture, composting and various propagation techniques.

Gardening provides the rewarding aspect of role-reversal – instead of being cared for, participants are in turn nurturing plant life, building endurance, stimulating memory and all the senses. The greenhouse is a hive of activity, from construction to cooking the harvested goods. Both plant life and people prosper here.


Where performing arts comes to life

Our state-of-the-art theater is unparalleled among other agencies who provide supports to people with disabilities. It boasts full theatrical lighting, a full-size, drop down movie screen with HD Blu-ray projector, and professional quality surround sound. The powered stage curtain and variable room lighting is all controlled by interactive touch panels in the walls and the stage is equipped with top-of-the-line guitars, amplifiers, drums, pianos, an organ and countless other instruments to inspire the people we support to create music, theater, and dance.


Discovering the creative spirit

The Living Arts Center provides engaging, personalized programs based around each person’s expressed desires. The stimulating environment and highly social setting makes the therapeutic and recreational opportunities offered by the various consultants and specialists all the more impactful. The Living Arts Center provides state-of-the-art classrooms in technology, fine arts, greenhouse, athletics and horseback riding allowing participants to choose from a myriad of options including swimming, gardening, cooking, art, music, sports and so much more. The Living Arts Center staff also lead frequent trips to various destinations in our region, resulting in a truly varied and enriching experience. The Living Arts Center has special programs that cater to the specific needs of the people we support.


Where the heart is

The homes at New Hope Community are guided by our mission to enhance the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are committed to providing people the life they desire and deserve. We put this into action with an approach that emphasizes independence, problem-solving and empowerment. Our homes meet the needs of the people we support either through ICF (Intermediate Care Facility) and IRA (Individualized Residential Alternative) homes and apartments.

Our homes on and off campus are staffed by House Managers, Assistant House Managers and Direct Support Professionals and are designed to allow the people we support the ability to live as independently as possible, while providing assistance when necessary to create an environment that is comfortable, familiar and secure.

For more information, please contact Terence Duncan,  – Assistant Vice President of Program Operations, at 845-434-8300, extension 219 or via email at tduncan@newhopecommunity.org