Helping Accomplish Dreams and Aspirations

Mike is the father of two children and the husband of a teacher. In his free time Mike enjoys reading and watching Sci-Fi movies. He also likes to collect comic books such as Swamp Thing and Hellboy. Another one of Mike’s hobbies include sculpting using various types of clay.

Until age 15, Mike lived in Neversink, New York, and then his family moved to Virginia where he got involved in wrestling and track. While living in Virginia, Mike held jobs in construction and also worked at Lowes.  Mike has been working at New Hope Community for 9 years. He began his career at New Hope Community as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) and currently works as the Assistant House Manager at 82 West Street.

He came to New Hope Community because of his mother, who enjoys being a part of the people’s lives in which she served. Mike stated that, “One memory I have is hanging out with a person we support at a BBQ and talking about wrestling. I thought some of these guys were really cool and ever since then I wanted to work in the field.” Mike contacted someone he knew from the WWE and they sent a care package to boost moral for the people we support.


Outside work, you can find Mike working on his Podcast along with looking for various rocks and gems. The podcast is something he is currently working on, it’s going to be called “The Direct Support Podcast” a podcast where he will interview people in our line of work,” said Mike. He loves to play with his children, work on projects along with writing. A favorite quote of Mike’s is “No matter where you go, there you are.” – Buckaroo Banzai


“I never really thought about the ‘rewarding part’ of doing this job. To me just knowing that I helped make someone’s day a little better is good enough.”

– Michael Noren

Working at New Hope Community, Mike said that, “I never really thought about the “rewarding part” of doing this job. To me just knowing that I helped make someone’s day a little better is good enough.”  Not only is Mike busy as an Assistant House Manager, but he also holds the position of Self-Advocacy Leader, where he leads the members of the Self-Advocacy Group on accomplishing the goals they wish to achieve. He was offered this position through unanimous vote by the people we support. He enjoys this role of Self-Advocacy Leader and takes his responsibilities very seriously. He assists with things such as conferences, and moderating meetings. While at meetings he will bring in topics and group activates for the members to do.  A project for the Self-Advocacy group this year is, to come up with a book where each of the members will share a short story about themselves advocating for something. Working alongside the people we support and trying to make a difference is what’s important to Mike. He is motivated by knowing the challenges that people with disabilities have overcome and all they have faced on a day-to-day basis. Mike also expressed that, after all that people with disabilities have accomplished they still need to fight for certain rights.

What Mike finds most rewarding about leading the people he supports, is seeing them being able to educate others, stand up for what they believe and using their voice and other skills to make change.