Moving forward, centered around people

At New Hope Community, we live by our mission statement of enhancing the lives of the people we support. This very statement is carried into the orientation training process required of all new employees and into all of our programs/departments. To that end, the objective of the New Hope Community Staff Training and Development Department is to equip all staff with the tools they’ll need in order to make our mission statement come to life. We continue to strive for best practices, using the latest technology, but above all we incorporate person-centered approaches to all activities performed in the daily functions of this department.

Agency orientation

The agency conducts staff orientation that consists of classroom, interactive, in-home/department and highly experiential training and education to all members that enter their employment. Faculty from throughout the agency and people supported by New Hope teach the regulated training classes and stress the New Hope Community Mission statement. The orientation process continues, when the staff member leaves the classroom portion of their training and enters into the dynamic and more hands-on world of supporting the people who live in the homes.

Staff Training Day

For well over 20 years, Staff Training Day has become a tradition at New Hope Community. The day is devoted to our six hundred plus staff and features world renowned keynote speakers, informative workshops, prizes and much more. Education and development are cultural norms and values at New Hope. This day showcases our commitment to our staff and also is a great opportunity to get morale boosted and information shared. Staff look forward to this day each year and will continue to see the day as a day to reflect, learn, relax and mainly refresh their commitment to the people we support through their own education, training and self-development.

Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week

For the last several years the Federal Government and State Governments have made the second week in September National DSP Recognition Week. New Hope Community has been at the forefront of this recognition. We will always treat our Direct Support Professionals as just that; Professional. The frontline of change and support of people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities is created by the educated and recognized Direct Support Professionals.