You’re not alone in this

Have you ever felt like you were the only person who had a sibling with developmental disabilities? Did you ever try to navigate a system to advocate for your sibling, and wish you knew someone who already did for guidance? Are your parents aging, and are looking for options for support of your sibling? Only those who share that common bond can truly know the dynamics associated with being a brother or sister to a sibling with a disability.

At New Hope Community we want to tell you that we are unified through our love for the enhancement of the lives of persons with developmental disabilities. We started the Sibling Support Network to help siblings feel supported, answer questions, and provide a forum for friendship and support that strengthens family ties with New Hope.

Become part of a community

New Hope routinely holds Sibling meetings, provides links to workshops and caters to annual picnics. We meet in-person bi-annually and have an online Facebook group that not only offers a means of communication, but also offers support.

We know that as siblings of persons with developmental disabilities we can often feel isolated, confused and frustrated. We want to help you build your relationship with not only New Hope, but also with the family members of other individuals we supported, the community, and your sibling.

If you would like more information on our Sibling Support Network, please contact Karen Russell, Assistant Executive Director, at 845-434-8300, ext. 215 or