New Hope Community is excited to announce that we have broken ground for our new Sensory Garden in Loch Sheldrake, Sullivan County, New York. Sensory gardens create an outdoor space that fuses the interaction between a person’s five senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight) and a diverse array of elements which celebrate the gifts of nature and enhance one’s sense of harmony, balance and peace. Sensory Gardens are proven to enhance the health and wellness of people with and without disabilities. We will not only be providing this garden for the people we serve and the staff that support them; we will be opening our garden to our greater community, free of charge, to support and fuel everyone’s ability to enjoy some downtime in a beautiful outdoor space.

We have launched our PAVING THE WAY CAMPAIGN with a goal of raising $85,000. This will ensure a space that will dynamically provide opportunities to enjoy a multitude of sensory experiences within a lush, green and colorful oasis.

This is where you can help! Become a part of the Sensory Garden’s legacy for years to come. For a donation of $125 your 4”x 8” personalized brick will  include 2 lines of type with up to 20 characters in each line (each letter, number, and/or space equal’s one character). 

Won’t you join us in funding this project? We know our Sensory Garden will make a meaningful difference in the lives of many and we hope you will feel the excitement, connect with the value of a sensory garden and help us make this a reality!