Days filled with purpose

We believe that quality of life is greatly affected by engaging in activity that one finds meaningful. Whether it is your job, your art or your exercise, how you spend your days impacts your identity and sense of purpose. We understand that each person is unique and is motivated and satisfied by different things. It is for this reason that we structure our day programs to be highly variable and provide choices for each person to consider. There are two main formats from which our additional choices flow: The Living Arts Center and the WithOut Walls Program.


Located on our scenic campus, the Living Arts Center provides engaging, personalized programs based around each person’s expressed desires and specific needs. The stimulating environment and highly social setting makes the therapeutic and recreational opportunities offered by the various consultants and specialists all the more impactful. The Living Arts Center provides state-of-the-art classrooms in technology, fine arts, greenhouse, athletics and horseback riding allowing participants to choose from a myriad of options including swimming, gardening, cooking, art, music, sports and so much more. The Living Arts Center staff also lead frequent trips to various destinations in our region, resulting in a truly varied and enriching experience. 

Unparalleled programs for the dually diagnosed and challenging behaviors

For people with both developmental and mental health disabilities the Living Arts Center offers a holistic approach to day programming that combines informed choice, inclusion, and empowerment with functional activity to help a person find their own value in life. People in the programs are reliable volunteers for programs such as Meals on Wheels where they have found meaningful purpose in helping others.

Advancing care for autism

For people that benefit from a more structured environment, the Living Arts Center has groups that offer the predictability and consistency that are best practices in evidenced-based programs. With an emphasis on transition and helping people control their own environments, the Living Arts Center reduces the actions a person may resort to in order to communicate an unmet need. Productivity, active listening, and thinking outside of the box helps the LAC team continue to see each person as a unique being, with gifts that can be cultivated so that every individual can be a contributing member of society.

Experts in services for the elderly or medically frail

The Living Arts Center has a special program for the medically frail and elderly population. Highly social environments create a fun atmosphere for activities such as creative arts therapy, music and dance therapy, special seasonal events, cooking, bingo, pet therapy, exercise and senior fitness, parties- the list goes on! Full time nursing plus an expertly trained Direct Support Professional staff make sure that neither age nor health conditions are barriers to enjoying a full and active lifestyle! At the LAC, everyone is young at heart!


While the Marlene Preiser Living Arts Center boasts a myriad of exemplary resources on campus and within its respective facility, New Hope Community takes immeasurable pride in its WithOut Walls Dayhab, which promotes educational experiences and opportunities within the greater community –Sullivan County, the Hudson Valley, and beyond. By engaging in what the community has to offer, such as parks, museums, libraries and recreational outlets, people are able to broaden their knowledge base while cultivating new interests, friends and social skills.

Experiences without limits

The WithOut Walls program provides a structured calendar of events and offers a person-centered curriculum. We offer a variety of learning experiences from art and music classes to gardening and educational classes. We encourage healthy lifestyles through exercise programs and healthy cooking classes. We give back to the community that gives to us through volunteerism at a variety of locations in the county including delivering meals on wheels, visiting local nursing homes, planting and maintaining various Sullivan Renaissance gardens, as well as many other projects.

No such thing as too much fun

We have a lot of fun in the WithOut Walls program. A sterling example, we have our own Indy rock band called Bright Woods, whose members rehearse weekly to prepare for community performances. Also, every summer we offer the opportunity to spend a week at day camp, where we enjoy archery, four wheeling, speed boat rides, swimming, fishing, and more. There is much learning to be done, friends to be found and territory to traverse.

For more information, please contact Melissa Martinez,  – Coordinator of Day Programs, at 845-434-8300, extension, 242 or via email at

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