Putting quality of life into action

The Leisure Services program at New Hope Community focuses on personal interest, education, and community. The five pillars of leisure- performing arts, greenhouse, therapeutic, athletics and fine arts – build a bridge to creative expression and personal development. Not only do we offer unparalleled leisure opportunities within the agency, we are also always reaching out into the greater community to connect the people we support to all that Sullivan County and beyond has to offer. From participating in classes at Sullivan County Community College, attending concerts at Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center, seeing plays at Forestburgh Playhouse and exhibiting artwork at the Catskill Art Society, Leisure Services is all about celebrating life and putting it into action. These activities nurture relationships with the neighbors they meet who also share their interests.

Getting creative in our Fine Arts Program

New Hope Community’s art studio is alive with brush strokes of color and endless creative opportunities. The Art Studio at New Hope Community provides creative opportunities with both engaging and challenging programming. Artists are encouraged to explore and experiment with new mediums and processes. There is an Art Intensive workshop that meets weekly where participants have worked with soft carving, printmaking, brush technique, composition, dimensional design, jewelry, scratchboard, linear design and chalks. The Artists of New Hope Community have an active exhibition schedule that includes Catskill Art Society, where over 100 pieces are on display at the annual show, Kite Festival at Sullivan County Community College, Liberty Library, Achieve Rehabilitation Center, and the New York State Association of Community Residential Agencies (NYSACRA) show. Artwork may also be purchased at the Annual Family Barbecue.

Empowerment through our Performing Arts Program

The Performing Arts Program at New Hope Community is dynamic and effervescent.  The people we support learn their dream of being in a band or performing on stage can come true.  We find creative solutions to practical problems that stand between the people with disabilities that we support and the life enrichment gained through participation in theater, film and music.

With our staff’s expertise in this area we are able to support our people in the performance of original plays and films, as well as various music projects. Performing helps build confidence and self-expression and promotes both communication and social skills that can be transferred to the outside community.  The sense of empowerment achieved through the creation and performance of these arts is an invaluable experience.

Always on the move

Sports provides structure, discipline and a sense of personal accomplishment. New Hope Community advocates for participation and play in a wide variety of athletic venues. The agency boasts a health and fitness center with state-of-the-art cardiac equipment, wheelchair accessible swimming pool, basketball courts, a softball field, a bocce court, walking trails and a multi-purpose room which can be retrofitted from a Wii fitness tournament to a Zumba dance class to volleyball. We routinely go off-campus on adventures, such as hiking clubs, overnight camping at area state parks, baseball games at Yankee Stadium, or ice hockey in Albany.

New Hope Community also participates in Special Olympics sporting events throughout New York State and holds training sites for athletes. New Hope hosts a wide variety of intramural events which gathers spectators and athletes together in the spirit of teamwork and fun.

Our greenhouse, a place where people and plants prosper

The greenhouse environment provides the community with a healthy setting in which to learn, cultivate, reflect and relax. Green programs give participants an opportunity to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and houseplants year round in the 3000 square foot indoor growing space. The green curriculum has members learning best practices with organic gardening, permaculture, vermiculture, composting and various propagation techniques.

Gardening provides the rewarding aspect of role-reversal – instead of being cared for, participants are in turn nurturing plant life, building endurance, stimulating memory and all the senses. The greenhouse is a hive of activity, from construction to cooking the harvested goods. 

A new world at our Stables at McCoy Meadow

The world looks different from a saddle, on horseback, and life is enhanced by spending time in the company of horses. New Hope Community’s Stables at McCoy Meadow is the host of the Therapeutic Horseback Riding/In House Program (THRIP) which provides equine as well as other animal therapies that enhance lives every day. The resident horses are used for riding which naturally helps people to build endurance, foster confidence, and increase physical activity. Our facility is also home to miniature horses for those that are just learning to work with horses or those who prefer a smaller equine to work with. They afford people the opportunity to pet, groom, and lead them, sometimes right in their own backyards. The facility is equipped with an indoor riding arena that functions all year long, a wash stall for bathing horses, a tack room to store all necessary supplies, and a viewing room which affords spectators comfort and convenience while watching others ride. This unique space is utilized for horse shows, private and inter-agency, as well as large scale festivities.