Our Mission

We challenge ourselves to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities

Our Vision

New Hope Community will be the leader and model agency recognized for the following practices:

  • Ethical: By being accountable to the people we support, staff, families, friends and our communities.
  • Distinguished:  By utilizing innovative and best practices, we will remain at the forefront of supporting people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
  • Enthusiastic: By responding to the needs of our community with positive energy.

We’re so glad you found us

Imagine a place where your loved one feels valued as a community member;  a place where they are supported while learning to become independent; a place where they are free to show off their creative expression; a place that offers the opportunity to hone their talents.

New Hope Community is a place to learn, where life skills can be immersed with support professionals that create environments of innovation.  A place where strengths, talents, personal direction and accomplishments can be discovered.  

For over forty years, New Hope Community has been enhancing the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Everything in life comes down to choices. At New Hope Community we have chosen to invest in programs and spaces that are unique in our field. We believe that these elements make us the premier point of support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through teaching, coaching, encouragement and role modeling, New Hope Community advocates for people to integrate and participate in the wider community. We offer the rare gift of connection, appreciation and friendship with remarkable individuals who have unique personalities, interests and abilities.


Meeting the stringent standards of the CQL

In September 2015, New Hope Community was awarded the coveted Person-Centered Excellence National Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). This accreditation confirms New Hope Community shares CQL’s vision to improve the quality of life for people receiving supports. For more than 40 years, CQL has been the preeminent leader in defining, measuring and improving the quality of life for all people, including those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  Organizations that are awarded accreditation by CQL meet a stringent set of criteria and demonstrate an on-going commitment to person-centered excellence.

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