Strategic Plan

New Hope Community’s three-year strategic plan sets out the three strategic themes we have chosen to prioritize moving forward. This inclusive infographic contains the highlights of our newly developed plan.

We believe they speak to our deep commitment to learn, grow, and change, in ways that will holistically support the life experiences of all those we support, our staff, and our extended New Hope family.

As you will see, our first theme (Choices and Independence) is grounded in creating change that dynamically benefits those we serve. Our second theme (We Support You) commits to a multitude of actions that will robustly inform and elevate our workforce. And our third theme (Ready and Resilient) demonstrates our prioritization of organizational advancement specific to local and global IT and business practices. Please also note our anchoring principles: Service, Trust, Humanity, Flexibility, and Commitment. And, of course, our mission and vision, which is at the heart of our New Hope Community life!