Holistic Wellness

Holistic Lifestyle

We believe in an integrated lifestyle approach that considers physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as essential to a life best lived. Our robust holistic wellness program utilizes principles of mindfulness, movement, nutrition and environment to inspire and empower the people we support to lead healthier lives.

Whether it is yoga in the sensory garden, guided meditation at Hope Farm, or sound healing in residential settings, our carefully cultivated mind-body programming is designed to meet people where they are in their inner connection, while gently challenging them to lift themselves up through movement, breath, and mindfulness. 

Mindfulness Programming

Mindfulness is the practice of turning inward with awareness of the present moment. Using proven techniques such as breathwork, guided meditation, music and mindful movement, we create opportunities for people to access their inner sense of being, cultivating awareness free from judgment, while promoting acceptance and compassion.

Mindful Movement

We have seen the results of regular exercise and how important it is for all bodies. We have created inclusive programs that celebrate and encourage physical expression. Daily mindful movement opportunities include classes in Yoga, Tai Chi, Chair Dance, Fitness and Stability, as well opportunities to walk or hike throughout the scenic Catskill Mountain region we proudly call home.

Nutrition and Cooking Classes

We have created an environment where the power of food can be used as medicine and know that knowledge is power when it comes to healthy eating. With this in mind, we have collaborated with Hope Farm to host sensory-friendly food exploration and education sessions which showcase the various foods grown at Hope Farm.  We demonstrate how incorporating them into our daily diets can support a healthy lifestyle. We also offer classes in basic food preparation, cooking and food storage.