Staff Training

Building a Strong Workforce, Centered Around People

Our goal at New Hope Community is to empower the lives of the people we support. The Staff Training and Development Department equips all staff with the knowledge and tools they’ll need to make our mission come to life. One of the most effective ways we do so is through our training and orientation process. As the needs of those we support evolve, we continually develop new processes to provide flexible and diverse training opportunities for staff. Our comprehensive orientation is required of all new employees, regardless of position, program, or department.  All staff are required to complete annual trainings to demonstrate competency in a vast array of topics. Our innovative training not only develops the staff so they can advance and be equipped to do their best, but the people we support ultimately rely on staff that have a strong knowledge base to best advocate for their individual development and success. 

New Hope Community knows that providing staff education and development opportunities is critical to the professional growth of our employees and essential to our ability to provide informed, holistic, “best practice” approaches.  Through the Staff Training Department, we create individualized training experiences for each home and program and develop mentoring programs that will robustly support staff growth and advancement throughout their career.

As members of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP), we join forces, on a national level, to elevate the status of Direct Support Professionals and Frontline Supervisors.  By working together, through an interconnected network of Direct Support Professionals, Frontline Supervisors, self-advocates, family members, human service organizations, healthcare professionals, social workers, statewide groups, national associations, and more, we help educate policymakers and legislators about the importance of high-quality human services. Through NADSP, we have direct and exclusive access to information, resources, tools, and training to improve the knowledge and skill set of our workforce which advances our person-centered supports and the quality of life for all those receiving services through New Hope Community.


Agency Orientation Ensures Excellence

New Hope Community has created a robust orientation program that consists of classroom, interactive, hands-on, and online learning to educate all new staff as they enter their employment. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, we invested in Relias, an online training platform. Our forward movement to train our new staff in the most efficient ways possible, lent a hand to us throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and continues to do so. In addition to Relias, we also use Open Future Learning, which brings training from some of the most engaging thinkers in the field of disability.  They utilize a multimedia approach to deliver the training to staff and those we support.  Our Relias training focuses on the Intellectual and Developmental Disability (I/DD) community and serves not only direct care staff but those in administration as well. Each training has exams to ensure competency and if we find that a new staff member needs more assistance, we arrange for individualized education.  We continually add and update the curriculum with topics we know will have a meaningful impact on their career and with the people that we support.

Our orientation expands beyond test-taking, lecture and literature. Staff members representing key programs and departments provide insight to orientation groups about their experiences, strategies, and agency-wide policies. We have also found it crucial to invite parents of New Hope residents to share their stories. Most importantly, the people receiving services provide training, as they are the true employer and have the best guidance to assist as new staff begin their career. Our goal is to ensure that our staff have a dynamic understanding of why their job is so critical while providing them with the tools that will assist them to enhance the lives of those they support. 


Staff Training Day

For well over 20 years, Staff Training Day has become a tradition at New Hope Community. The day is devoted to our six hundred plus staff and features world-renowned keynote speakers, informative workshops, prizes and much more. Education and development are cultural norms and values at New Hope, and they go beyond orientation and training – learning is encouraged at every stage of a staff member’s career. This day showcases our commitment to our staff and is a great opportunity to share information and get a morale boost. Staff look forward to this day each year and remain committed to taking the time to reflect, learn, relax and refresh their commitment to the people we support and enhance their on-the-job skills through their own education, training and self-development.


For more information on how we can assist you with staff training, please contact Amy LeRoy, Director of Staff Training and Advocacy, at 845-241-2785 or via email at