Living Arts Center Day Habilitation

Every person has unique needs, interests, and desires. New Hope Community’s Living Arts Center (LAC) offers activities and learning opportunities that are designed to guide each person in achieving their individual goals through activities, community inclusion, and a variety of therapeutic supports. Each new experience creates a rich environment that fosters and shapes their preferences. Activities are geared toward a person’s interests and talents and provide a meaningful path to goal success.

New Hope Community’s goal is to empower each person in making their own choices and the Living Arts Center supports the realization of choices made. Everyone has the option to participate in technology, fine arts, greenhouse activities, athletics, and our equine/ barn program. Some of these activities include swimming, gardening, cooking, art, music, sports, and much more. The LAC staff also lead frequent trips to various destinations.

Putting Quality of Life Into Action

We offer unparalleled leisure opportunities within the agency and are always reaching out to the greater community to connect the people we support to all that Sullivan County and beyond, has to offer. From participating in classes at Sullivan County Community College, attending concerts at Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center, seeing plays at Forestburgh Playhouse, and exhibiting artwork, Leisure Services is all about celebrating life and putting it into action. These activities nurture relationships with the neighbors they meet who also share their interests.

Getting Creative in Our Fine Arts Program

New Hope Community’s art studio is alive with brushstrokes of color and endless creative opportunities. The Fine Arts Program at New Hope Community provides creative experiences with both engaging and challenging programming. Artists are encouraged to explore and experiment with new mediums and processes. There is an art-intensive workshop that meets weekly where participants have worked with soft carving, printmaking, brush technique, composition, dimensional design, jewelry, scratchboard, linear design, and chalks. The artists of New Hope Community have exhibited their art at the Catskill Art Society, SUNY Sullivan Kite Festival, Liberty Library, Achieve Rehabilitation Center, and New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation annual art show.

Empowerment Through Our Performing Arts Program

The Performing Arts Program at New Hope Community is dynamic and effervescent. The people we support see their dream of being in a band or performing on stage can come true. We find creative solutions to practical challenges that stand between the people with disabilities that we support, and the life enrichment gained through participation in theater, film, and music.
With our staff’s expertise in this area, we are able to support our people in the performance of original plays and films, as well as various music projects. Performing helps build confidence and self-expression and promotes both communication and social skills that can be transferred to the greater community. The sense of achievement celebrated through the creation and performance of these arts is invaluable.

Our Greenhouse

A Place Where People and Plants Prosper

The Greenhouse environment provides the community with a healthy setting in which to learn, cultivate, reflect, and relax. Green programs give participants an opportunity to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, and houseplants year-round in the 3,000-square-foot indoor growing space. The greenhouse curriculum teaches best practices for organic gardening, permaculture, vermiculture, composting, and various propagation techniques.
Gardening provides the rewarding aspect of role-reversal – instead of being cared for, participants are in turn nurturing plant life, building endurance, stimulating memory, and all the senses. The Greenhouse is a hive of activity, from construction to cooking the harvested goods.

A New World at Our Stables at McCoy Meadow

Spending Time with the Horses

The world looks different from a saddle, on horseback, and life is enhanced by spending time in the company of horses. New Hope Community’s Stables at McCoy Meadow is the host of the Therapeutic Horseback Riding/In House Program (THRIP) which provides equine, as well as other animal therapies, that empower lives every day. The resident horses are used for riding which naturally helps people build endurance, foster confidence, and increase physical activity. The stables are also home to miniature horses for those that are just learning to work with horses or those who prefer a smaller equine to work with. They afford people the opportunity to pet, groom, lead and ride. The horse barn is equipped with an indoor riding arena that functions all year long, a wash stall for bathing horses, a tack room to store all necessary supplies, and a viewing room that allows spectators comfort and convenience while watching others ride. This unique space is utilized for horse shows and guided riding.

Living Arts Center Theater

Where Performing Arts Come to Life

Our state-of-the-art theater is unparalleled among other agencies that provide supports to people with disabilities. It boasts full theatrical lighting, a full-size drop-down movie screen with HD Blu-ray projector, and professional quality surround sound. The powered stage curtain and variable room lighting are all controlled by interactive wall-mounted touch panels and the stage is equipped with top-of-the-line guitars, amplifiers, drums, piano, organ, and countless other instruments to inspire the people we support to create music, theater, and dance.

Always on the Move

Sports provide structure, discipline, and a sense of personal accomplishment. New Hope Community advocates for participation, and play, in a wide variety of athletic activities that promote physical fitness, health and wellness, teamwork, and social skills. Including state-of-the-art cardiac equipment, basketball courts, putting green, and multi-purpose room, our health and fitness space is designated for both interactive and sports activities. Program participants also play in a regional golf league and mixed-ability dart league.

New Hope Community is proud to participate in the Special Olympics of New York Games. The New Hope Knights athletes participate, compete, and are successful in many events while showcasing their talents and sportsmanship. With an outstanding history of athletic excellence, our athletes have placed and medaled – including many golds – in all events. Our athletes currently represent New Hope on the following teams: Basketball, Track & Field, Bowling, Golf, and Softball. The New Hope Knights are trained by eight Special Olympics coaches as well as a host of partners and volunteers.

These athletes, whether their strengths are in a team or an individual sport, all come together to participate in practices. Everyone has the opportunity to exercise team building and compete in tournaments.

Unparalleled Programs for the Dually Diagnosed and Challenging Behaviors

For people with both developmental and mental health disabilities, the Living Arts Center offers a holistic approach to day programming that combines informed choice, inclusion, and empowerment with functional activity to help a person find their own value in life. People find meaningful purpose in serving as volunteers for community programs.

Experts in Services for the Elderly or Medically Frail

The Living Arts Center has a special program for the medically frail and elderly population. Highly social environments create a fun atmosphere for activities such as creative arts therapy, music, and dance therapy, special seasonal events, cooking, bingo, pet therapy, exercise and senior fitness, and parties. Expertly trained Direct Support Professional staff makes sure there are no barriers to enjoying a full and active lifestyle!

For more information, please contact Carl Santos, Director of Program Services, at 845-241-2810 or via email at
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