As we are generally aware, Medicare and Medicaid is always a topic of discussion in Washington.

We do know that in NYS, and as directed by federal programs, there will be transformational changes in the delivery of medical/clinical services to those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  There are no expected impacts on residential life; all directed at the providing of medical and clinical services.

Our goal is to keep you informed on legislative initiatives, findings and outcomes.  We are also heightening our advocacy efforts and urging our community to help.  We will continue to keep you informed of updates and the status of these initiatives. As well as provide ways that you can get involved.  Your voice counts!

Frequently Asked Questions

New York State Association of Community and Residential Agencies (NYSACRA)

NYSACRA is a grassroots organization comprised of more than 200 provider agencies serving people with developmental disabilities and their families. As the largest association of this kind in New York State, our membership is our strength.

New York State Rehabilitation Association (NYSRA)

The New York State Rehabilitation Association (NYSRA) is a statewide 501 (c) (6) organization representing rehabilitation providers who advocate on behalf of individuals with differing abilities and the agencies who serve them.

The community providers offer a full spectrum of services to people throughout New York State, including individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral health, deaf and hearing impaired, and vision disabilities, in addition to addictions, traumatic brain injuries and veteran services. Collectively, NYSRA’s member agencies are instrumental in assisting individuals toward full integration into the community demonstrating a rich history in promoting employment opportunities for individuals.

Download NYSACRA and NYSRA’s Medicaid Action Alert

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) People First Care Coordination


“Putting People First” is OPWDD’s guiding principle. It represents the ongoing commitment to ensuring that New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities get the high-quality, person-centered supports and services they want and need for a full and healthy life.

As people’s expectations and needs evolve, so must the coordination and delivery of their services and supports. With this goal in mind OPWDD has introduced a new approach called People First Care Coordination.

People First Care Coordination will combine services for developmental disabilities with health, wellness, or behavioral health services to create a single, integrated and individualized Life Plan.

Download People First Care Coordination presentation