Legacy Circle

Create a Legacy and Change Lives

What Kind of People are Planned Givers?

Actually, they’re a Lot Like You.

The Rewards of Planned Giving Can Be Immeasurable…

  • A retired accountant donates a life insurance policy to the NHC Foundation to ensure the long-term security of programs that are under-funded by government sources. He reduces his taxes.
  • Two schoolteachers, husband and wife, include a bequest in their wills to NHC Foundation. Their gift reduces the estate taxes their children will pay.
  • Parents of an adult with developmental disabilities use appreciated stock to make their annual gift to NHC Foundation. Their gift enhances the quality of life for New Hope residents and avoids capital gains tax.


The New Hope Legacy Circle

Financial planning from the heart

“I would urge all parents and friends of New Hope Community to name the NHC Foundation as a beneficiary in their estate plans, as I have. I’m proud to make an investment in the future of New Hope.” – Lorraine (Lori) Stroh

The New Hope Legacy Circle is NHC Foundation’s way of honoring the generosity of family and friends who have made a planned gift to support the future work of New Hope. We have a growing list of families and individuals from different backgrounds and means, who have pledged to support New Hope in the future by providing a gift in their wills and estate plans. All those who notify us that they have included the NHC Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate plans will be recognized as members of the Legacy Circle. The reasons for their decision to make a planned gift vary, but each of them shares a deep commitment to New Hope’s future and belief in its mission to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and complex conditions. By giving in this way, each donor can make a significant and lasting impression on the future of New Hope without sacrificing their current financial situation or negatively impacting a supported person’s government benefits. In making a planned gift to New Hope you are making one of the most meaningful gifts you can for an individual supported by New Hope – the gift of a better life.

Many people believe that they lack sufficient assets to fund a trust or to include a charitable gift in their will. They assume that the joy of philanthropy and the tax advantages of a planned gift are privileges of the wealthy, not people like themselves.

Not true. Today, many people of all ages and backgrounds are making a difference in the lives of the people they love, in their communities and in their own lives. Remember you need neither great wealth nor grey hair to become a member of the New Hope Legacy Circle.


Charitable Bequest

A charitable bequest is a gift to a qualified charity that takes effect at your death under the terms of your will or trust. Your will is a written testimonial of your concern for your family, your community and the people you love. It is a way to show others what you value above all in life, being especially generous with the people and organizations that matter the most to you. A bequest is a traditional means of providing support for worthy causes and may be the most appropriate way for you to make a gift to an organization that you believe makes a difference.

There are various ways to make a charitable bequest to the New Hope Foundation.

  • In your will, leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your assets to the NHC Foundation.
  • Consider designating assets such as IRAs, stocks, real estate or vehicles as charitable gifts. Such donations may provide tax savings to your estate.
  • Name NHC Foundation as the beneficiary or partial beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan, pension, annuity contract or life insurance policy.

Talk with your professional financial planner, lawyer, accountant or insurance agent about the options most suitable to your needs.

Sample Bequest Language

Bequest language doesn’t need to be complicated.

For instance, to include New Hope Foundation in your will, you could write:

  1. General Gift: “I give and bequeath the sum of $____ (or description of personal property) to the NHC Foundation.”
  2. Residual Gift (the property that is left after all other gifts have been distributed): “I give to the NHC Foundation all (or percentage) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate.”
  3. Gift Benefiting a Specific Program: “I give and bequeath the sum of $____ to the NHC Foundation, to be held by it for the long-term security of programs such as……”

If you are not working with an attorney, a helpful resource for creating a will is www.FreeWill.com .  The service is completely free as the name suggests and the wills they help create are valid in all 50 states.  Other resources to assist you are just a web search away.

We’re here to help you create a legacy and change lives by confidentially answering your questions and referring you to expert advice. For more information on ways to give, so you can be sure that your loved ones and the organizations that matter to you benefit according to your wishes. And remember to let us know if you have included New Hope in your long-term plans so we can welcome you to the New Hope Legacy Circle.


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