Sensory Garden at New Hope Community

Over the past 47 years, New Hope Community has grown and matured, we have never lost our passion to create environments in which people can discover their strengths, gifts and personal direction.

Andrew’s Garden at New Hope Community is located in the heart of our campus shielding it from many of the world’s distractions.  It provides opportunities to lose oneself in serenity and engagement with the garden’s features. It offers tranquil spaces that have a restorative effect on those who come to enjoy its beauty.  By combining nature with curated spaces that tantalize all the senses, Andrew’s Garden is a place of healing, reflection and recovery for everyone. Sight, smell, taste, touch and sound are all present. Engaging all the senses makes it accessible to people who encounter the world in different ways. 

Andrew’s Garden was named in honor of a long-time member of the New Hope community, and much of what has been built to date was made possible by several significant donations made in Andrew’s honor. To support New Hope Community, the NHC Foundation Board of Trustees has approved a list of naming opportunities where your name, family name or the name of a loved one can be permanently associated with a feature of the garden.

Please contact Donna Fischer at 845-468-5244 or if you would like to sponsor a feature of the garden.

Naming Opportunities
Garden Naming Opportunity $125,000 SPONSORED
Fountain $50,000 (1 Available)
Grand Pergola $15,000 SPONSORED
Grand Entry Bridge $10,000 (1 Available)
Outdoor Musical Instruments $5,000 SPONSORED
Arbors $3,000 (4 Available)
Bench $2,500 9 of 10 SPONSORED
Engraved Paver $125 Many Available