Health Heroes Radio Promo


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Bold Gold Media Group and Sullivan 180 salute our Health Heroes.

Speaker 2 (00:04):

Hi, this is Karen Kerendian, Registered Nurse and Director of Health Services at New Hope Community in Lock Sheldrake.

Speaker 3 (00:10):

And I’m Muriel Cypert, Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator at New Hope.

Speaker 2 (00:14):

And we are honored to be Sullivan 180 Health Hero Heroes. We are a part of a team of dedicated New Hope Community employees who used our creativity to make 10,000 colorful cloth face masks to protect the people we support and our staff. From COVID 19.

Speaker 3 (00:29):

We also supplied masks to our neighbors, local fire department and retail employee. We are proud to be Sullivan 180 Health eroes and you can be one too. Each one of us can do something to turn around the health of our county one degree at a time. Be bold, choose health.

Speaker 1 (00:44):

You can nominate a Sullivan 180 Health Hero by going to and clicking on. Be Bold. Choose Health. Be bold. Choose Health. A partnership of Sullivan 180 New Hope Community and Bold Gold Media Group.