Radio Bold News Interviews Debbie McGinness – Discusses StationMD telehealth program


Speaker 1 (00:00):

And in response to COVID 19, new Hope community introduced telehealth services provided by Station MD to more than half of its residences last year.  This fall, telemed services have been expanded to include all of its 42 homes. New Hope Community, C E O, Debra McGinness says the result has allowed visits to the hospital and urgent care facilities to drop dramatically.

Speaker 2 (00:23):

The physicians that are contacted through this very simple equipment that we have, respond within minutes. They’re all specially trained to our field, and we have literally averted 90% of potential ER visits through the use of telemedicine.

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It’s projected that the program will save an estimated $30,000 annually in expenses, including additional staff salaries resulting from transportation and emergency room visits. That’s what’s happening on Mikel Sakell, Radio Bold News.