Radio Bold News Interviews Debbie McGinness – Discusses COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout


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I’m Mike Sakell, Radio Bold News. COVID vaccination for staff and residents at New Hope Community presented a set of challenges. New Hope partnered with Garnet Health as medical director to administer COVID vaccinations to over 250 residents in 42 residential programs, as well as a hundred staff members. New Hope CEO Debbie McGinness praised Garnet Health staff for their support and the care provided while vaccinating staff and especially residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Because they’re essential staff there working in a higher risk environment in terms of the potential of exposure. And I’m sure you also know that people that have developmental disabilities are three times more likely to die from COVID than someone in the general public. So this is a really big deal for us

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Residents and staff Were transported to Garnet Health Catskills, where the first round of vaccines plans are being made for Garnet staff to come to New Hope for round two of vaccinations scheduled for early February McGinness also praise the logistical effort of New Hope Nursing staff, led by Karen Kerendian, Director of Health Services and Karen Russell, Chief Operating Officer, who kept everyone, including family members, informed and secured consent beginning during the holiday season to start the process in a timely fashion.