In preparation for the transition to Medicaid managed care, New Hope Community is focused on taking
proactive steps to ensure organizational readiness as we continue the same high-level of supports and
services without any disruptions, issues or concerns.
As you may know, over the next few years Medicaid, our largest payer, will shift from a “fee for service”
payment model to managed care. This shift could significantly reduce reimbursement as capitated rates
per person served (rather than per service provided) are established to control costs. Without proper
and vital planning, these reductions in Medicaid funding could have a ripple effect on many of our
programs and services and be felt by our staff, individuals and families.
New Hope Community has begun to take steps to strategically reposition ourselves on many fronts in
order to stay strong programmatically and fiscally viable within this new service delivery model.
Our goal is to keep families well informed of this transition. The below provides insight into Managed
Care and the impact it has on New Hope Community.