Giving amazing opportunities

The NHC Foundation raises critically needed funding to support and further the purpose, mission and vision of New Hope Community. Through this support, people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities are given amazing opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Enhancing lives for decades

Established in 1989, the NHC Foundation was created with the specific goal of raising monies to enhance the lives of people for whom New Hope Community advocates. Through the years, the Foundation has played host and support system to a myriad of community events and endeavors which directly weave into the culture of New Hope: Wallace Berkowitz Golf Outing, Neighbor to Neighbor, Anniversary Galas, in addition to educational and vacation scholarships and artistic pursuits.

Making dreams possible

The NHC Foundation Board contains a culmination of diverse persons with various strengths and expertise that ensures the resources, leadership and support are in place to match the Foundation’s vision. Through the guidance of these Board Members, the Foundation has blossomed to provide a great deal to the people we support, the staff members in addition to the greater community. Making the most of every dollar count. At New Hope Community, 92 cents out of every dollar is spent directly on programs and the people we support. We are very proud that we can keep administrative costs low, so we can keep the quality of life high. It is with this support system that dreams are made possible and kept alive.

The NHC Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is fully tax-deductible. For more information regarding tax-deductible gifts, IRA, charitable rollovers, charitable gift annuities, planned or corporate giving, contact New Hope Community at today.