All things grow with love

Hope Farm is a planned organic farm project initiated in collaboration with SUNY Sullivan’s Sustainability Team, Culinary Program. This health-focused farm is being cultivated on a three-acre plot that was provided by SUNY Sullivan.

Our three year goal is to develop the three acres of land in three phases to support intensive vegetable gardens, perennial small fruits and an orchard that will offer a variety of staggered crops during the growing season with the intent to create a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Growth by growing

Hope Farm is an expansion of our Greenhouse Program offering hands-on educational, therapeutic and recreational benefits that encourage people with developmental disabilities to learn about agriculture and horticulture providing a new nutritional approach to healthy eating. Using permaculture principles, diversified planting, irrigation swales and composting, the CSA will teach New Hope individuals about the importance of eating food they’re grown themselves.

Our aim is to increase experiences and opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to become self-reliant and to develop their capabilities, allowing them to become active members of the community through agricultural jobs and community volunteer work.

Collaborating with SUNY Sullivan

Hope Farm will provide applied learning opportunities for SUNY Sullivan’s culinary arts program. This cooperative will produce food through sustainable farming techniques that improve and protect the integrity of the earth and its inhabitants. This hands-on initiative will educate students, New Hope individuals, and employees about the cultivation of food and provide direct access to high quality, locally grown fresh produce.

We are committed to building a Farm-to-Table Cooperative because we feel that organic farming is important to creating a sustainable future and recognize that more resources and greater education is needed to work together to build a support network.