As you drive through, the grounds and buildings are impeccably maintained and makes us feel very fortunate that a beloved family member calls New Hope Community his home.”

– Alan I. Cohen

A passion for people

New Hope Community is made up of a caring and supportive group of people, all of whom share one common mission: to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Whether one hears from our staff or connects to our sibling network, it is clear that passion for their shared vision is the norm.

Through teaching, coaching, encouragement and role modeling, New Hope Community encourages the people it supports to integrate and participate in the wider community. We offer the rare gift of connection, appreciation and friendship with remarkable individuals who have unique personalities, interests and abilities.

Over the past four decades New Hope Community has grown in stature and has added many specialized programs and resources. One aspect remains constant; our passion helps create environments in which people can discover their strengths, gifts and personal direction.

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