Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance can be defined as all the activities that contribute to assessing, monitoring and improving the quality of services our agency provides.  It is not the task of one department alone, but rather the combined efforts of the agency as a whole, led by the Quality Assurance department.  


Our safety staff ensures that every employee is provided the knowledge and resources to maintain a safe working environment.  A safety committee comprised of staff from varied disciplines review every accident/safety report in order to learn from the occurrence and promote safety awareness for the agency as a whole.  Safety inspections are performed on a routine basis to ensure compliance and awareness.


Internal audits are performed on a routine basis in order to identify any potential areas of concerns as well as identify areas of good practice.  We strive to ensure all services are delivered in a manner to enhance quality of life.

Corporate Compliance

The Corporate Compliance program is intended to demonstrate in the clearest terms the commitment of the organization to the highest standards of ethics and compliance.  It is an expectation of all levels of the organization.  Our Corporate Compliance Officer oversees a committee comprised of managers who are responsible for implementing and monitoring the program.  Employees are encouraged to suggest areas for improvement and suspected violations of the compliance program to their supervisor, who will communicate with the corporate compliance officer.  A specifically designated hotline is also maintained to provide a confidential means of reporting.


New Hope Community is committed to ensuring the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is adhered to.  Each individual’s right to the privacy of their health information is ensured through policies and procedures strictly monitored.

Incident Management

New Hope Community believes in protecting the safety and welfare of all individuals receiving services.  All occurrences are carefully reviewed to ensure corrective measures are thorough and minimize the potential for recurrence of the same or similar events or situations.  New Hope Community has a zero tolerance approach to abusive situations.  The protection of each person is both our expectation and responsibility.

Hotline numbers

Corporate Compliance: 845-468-5224

Incident Management: 845-701-7968

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