We are here for you

New Hope Community’s Family Support Services provides education and advocacy to families and their children regarding rights and responsibilities. The service assists parents in understanding their child’s intellectual or other developmental disability in addition to the benefits for which they are eligible and the services they can receive. The agency can directly link parents to service coordination and supported employment opportunities and provides assistance with Benefit Applications, Children’s Behavior Services, Respite Summer Program and Family Reimbursement Program.

Experience matters

Under this service umbrella, the agency offers licensed clinicians (“behavior specialists”) to complete in-home assessments for children’s behavior supports with the intention of expanding a parent’s “toolbox.” The Family Supports Program is also a recipient of grants for short term family assistance, family reimbursement, and a summer weekend respite program.

Family Support excels at creating and weaving contacts with a collaborative team approach assisting parents with the school system, while developing a positive rapport with physicians, specialists and service providers. Family Supports “connects the dots.”

For more information please contact Stephanie Elberth, Family Services Specialist, at 845-434-8300, extension 280, or via email to selberth@newhopecommunity.org