Providing opportunities to make a difference

Supported Employment provides people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to grow, succeed and overcome obstacles in their lives. It helps make a substantial difference in the lives of those with developmental disabilities who might be overlooked in the job market. Supported Employment assists in helping people gain acceptance in the greater community while encouraging them to be productive members in the workforce, while providing the ability to earn money in the workplace, something that is of value to all of us. With the right training and support, they can become productive, successful workers in the community. Not only does the program provide skills development, people can discover their potential capabilities while developing professional relationships.

To better provide employment opportunities to the people we support, New Hope Community Supported Employment staff attend trainings, such as Pathways to Employment, a planning and support service that provides assistance to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment.  This enables New Hope Community to assist future employees to identify a career or vocational direction.

  • Provide people with disabilities the opportunity to grow, succeed and overcome the obstacles to employment
  • Assist people with disabilities to gain acceptance in the community
  • Encourage and support people with disabilities to become productive, employable members of our workforce while achieving permanent status in the working world
  • Provides skills necessary for employment in the community
  • Assists people to discover their potential and capabilities through teaching and training
  • Develops professional relationships with employers in the community
  • No fees to employers
  • Reduces the hiring risk for most jobs by pre-screening candidates
  • All New Hope Community employees hired must meet the same standards expected from non-disabled employees
  • Free long-term support is available for as long as necessary
  • Partner with the employer to provide any training and support necessary for the individual’s success
  • An employee can be terminated if the arrangement does not work out

Incentives and benefits

Everyone follows a path in life that leads him or her to a door. Each gateway leads to a place to learn, grow and belong. New Hope Community’s Supported Employment helps individuals through that entrance to rise and build a future. While many doors open, this one transforms. Winning opportunities for all start here.

Years of experience and a concrete vision has made New Hope Community’s Supported Employment a vehicle of choice for both employee and vendor. With an emphasis on individual setting in a competitive work environment, teaching and training of individuals and staff with a continuation of a pre-vocational program, and a focus on vendor satisfaction and quality assurance, the Supported Employment program undoubtedly provides for a win:win situation.

New Hope Community’s Supported Employment Program is designed to help people become productive, employable citizens in our local community. This program provides the skills and supports necessary to retain employment, reach one’s greatest potential and limitless independence.

Types of Employment

Three employment options are available for the people we support. The best option is selected to best match their interests and abilities while providing an environment where they can learn job skills.


Enclaves consist of a small group of employees (3-5) who work in a community based local business with training, supervision, quality assurance and ongoing supports provided by a job coach. Enclaves are also distinguished by the continuous individualized social skills training provided to the employees. Transportation to and from work is provided to the employees by the job coach.

Mobile Work Crews

Consist of a small group of employees (4-6) who work at several locations within community based businesses and move from contract to contract. Mobile work crew members are provided the same opportunities for integration within the community and general public. Job coaches provide on the job training, manage daily operations, supervise the job site and provide quality assurance.

Competitive Placement

Competitive Placement is employment performed in a full or part time basis in a most integrated setting in the community. These settings are based on an individual’s personal interests, skills and commitment to their career objectives and are jobs that compensates at or above minimum wage. Individuals work alongside fellow co-workers in the competitive setting where they are responsible for their own transportation. Job coaches provide initial training and helps with the development of natural supports until employee meets job expectations. The employer eventually takes over as the supervisor.

For more information please contact Carl Santos, Director of Supported Work at 845-434-8300 extension 239 or via email to